Monday, January 07, 2008

My Ideal Girl

Cute, fun, and sweet, my ideal girl is just a stone's throw away - she's the girl next door. She's Sandra Bullock, Billie Piper, and Meg Ryan all rolled up into one. Naturally pretty rather than glamorous, she's unpretentious and generous. She loves animals and children, and is great with both. I am attracted to her strong values and traditional ways. Although she demands great respect, she's not particularly high-maintenance. Her ideal date is more likely to be dinner and a film than heading out for a night on the town. She's careful yet spontaneous - a bit of the guy's girl, a bit of a cover girl (the nice kind), and just a hint of the hippie chick. But she's got an appeal that's all her own, which is why I can't stay away. Her winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature make me want to hold on tight and never let go.


I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me. Once when we were sitting
at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her hand with some water
and held it before me, and said this:

"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."

This was how I saw it: As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it
to remain there, it will always be there. However, if you attempt to close your
fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it

This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love...they try to
posses it, they demand, they expect... and just like the water spilling out of
your hand, love will retrieve from you.

For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there are people
you love, allow them to be free beings.

Give and don't expect.
Advise, but don't order.
Ask, but never demand.

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly
practice. It is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, you must
sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional

Passing thought... Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by
the moments that take our breath away.....

Life is beautiful!!! Live it !!!